STS student tracking system software accomplishes room-entry verification, guest logging, resource tracking, time-keeping, and class roster management all within a centralized tracking system software. STS is an invaluable tool for universities, colleges, schools, professional development, activity centers, fitness centers and any other organization which has a need to keep track of visits and/or the activities performed during those visits.

Take charge of your labs with electronic tracking

  • Eliminate Log Books (Reduce Paper)
  • Ensure Logs are Correctly Recorded
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Increase Security and Privacy
  • Gather Statistics in Real-time
  • No Client Software to Install
  • Works with any Student ID Card System
  • Easily Integrates with Your Current Workflow
  • Works in Any Lab With Network Access (Not Just Computer Labs)
  • Simple, Competitive Pricing. No Other System Offers So Much for So Little.

Student Tracking Systems allows your organization to log, track, analyze, and report on the time and duration for visitors entering computer labs, tutoring centers, classrooms, fitness centers or any other setting which requires visitors to be logged.

STS tracking software provides many benefits over the traditional pen and paper log books. Electronic student tracking systems are an invaluable tool, particularly when managing sensitive material. The picture verification and tracking benefits of this software are a great security enhancement for day cares and child centers. Lastly, STS means less time spent on reading and manually entering data - no more wasteful paper logs!

Upon entrance to a lab, tutoring center or fitness center, each student swipes his/her card at the login station and their ID number will be checked, and his/her photo will be displayed onscreen. Students then repeat the swipe upon exiting and the duration of the visit is recorded.

By utilizing STS student tracking software, creating concise and easy to read reports allows you to use resources for optimum efficiency. STS can not only generate student reports showing attendance but can also track progress and advancement through a curriculum. Tutoring centers will be able to track each of their tutors matched with which visitor they tutored.

STS reports allow for easy, accurate, and consistent methods of producing end of the year grant reports and tutor summary reports. Recording logs of your visitors will provide the statistics to schedule lab hours and the amount of tutors needed. Organizations will be able to view lab and resource utilization and use the traffic patterns to position and schedule their labs with the highest efficiency.

STS provides your organization with the tools and resources needed in order to implement an electronic tracking system. The tracking software solution will be nearly ready to use from the start. Our knowledgeable support team will take every step necessary in order for your organization to setup and customize the system. Software guides and training videos are readily available on the STS web site.

The web-based access provides your staff with a simple and centralized management tool which can be used from any computer on your network. And STS software provides the features necessary to allow complete control of your environment from collecting custom data to matching the software interface with your school's colors.

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